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Operational Strategy

Our consultants deliver valuable expertise in operational strategy to improve Return On Investment (ROI). We bring vast experience of scoping and delivering large scale projects for multi-site companies up to PLC size. Particular expertise includes workforce management & HR, marketing operations, property portfolio expansion, customer service and sales.


Marketing professionals provide clients with clarity, research and collaborate to devise and document marketing strategy. Clients benefit from clearly outlined goals, target audience, messaging, channels, tactics and budgets in comprehensive and easy to communicate plans.

Bid Management

Bid Management Directors support, develop and grow bid management teams through hands on support. Similarly, ad hoc capacity can be provided when required. Optimal bidding processes can be put in place to allow for scaling of capacity whilst greatly improving win rates. Team building and training is delivered for bidding teams.

Bid Writing

Writing compelling bids requires the careful analysis of scoring criteria. The driving forces that dictate such criteria differ from one bid to another and unless 100% price based, scoring can be open to human interpretation and unconscious bias. Working with client's subject matter experts, we undertake bid writing following a structured and proven process.

Project Management

Project management delivered across multiple industries and countries. Consultants bring people together to deliver business improvements through the implementation of new systems and procedures. Adept at interfacing between technical knowledge experts, external system providers and other stakeholders.

Graphic Design

Proposal Reviews

Procurement Exercises

With expertise in the suite of Adobe packages, polished and professional bids are produced in publishing quality PDF format for either electronic or hard copy submission. Presentations and corporate material are produced to the same high quality. 

In depth reviews enhance bidding strategies and identify competitive advantages to be leveraged. Regular performance assessments and feedback loops ensure continuous improvement, ultimately increasing bid success rates.

Designing and running a procurement exercise can be daunting. Support is offered in drafting business cases, terms of reference ​and invitations to tender as well as evaluations and recommendations for procurement awards.

Partnerships & Consortia



With 20+ years of international experience spanning nearly 50 countries and numerous industries, we facilitate networking and partnership building for contract specific consortia and longer term strategic joint ventures. 

Our consultancy team are open to NED roles and welcome the opportunity to discuss these in confidence.

  • Advanced Technology

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Hospitality

  • International Development Aid

  • Leisure

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional Services

  • Sport

Engaging Us

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